The Big & Little Life
If you want to be more like Christ, learn to live a Big AND Little Life

God Loves People
After completing a local outreach, God taught me a simple, but profound truth, "God Loves People - All of Them!"

Five Reasons I love Going to Africa
By Pierre Eade
Some people may want nothing to do with a trip to Africa, but for me it is an absolute joy! Find out why I love going to Africa so much.

Going on a Treasure Hunt  - Seeking for those who God loves   By Pierre Eade
Join me and some adventurous Christians as we listen to God's voice and follow his leading to seek and save the lost.  This is not your ordinary evangelism!

Getting Behind God    By Pierre Eade
Are you getting behind God?  It's time to catch up!  He has great things in store for you, don't miss out!

The Brevity of Life   By Pierre Eade
The deaths of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson on the same day began me thinking about the brevity of life.

How to Jump Start a Workplace Ministry  By Pierre Eade
Learn how to start your own ministry at work from my 10+ years of experience in corporate ministry.  Hear real-life stories of lives that were changed by God during the course of a normal workday.  

How to Tell Old Friends about Your New Life By Pierre Eade
A wise man doesn't repeat his own mistakes.  An even wiser one learns from mistakes of others.  Be wise and learn from my mistakes in sharing my faith with my old time friends as you hear my advice to a colleague who sought the right way to share his faith with his old-time friend and band mate.

Editorial Evangelism:  How would you like to reach thousands of people for Christ without any cost?  If that sounds interesting, yet too good to be true, you need to consider "Editorial Evangelism".  Editorial Evangelism is the art of writing relevent editorials to local newspapers with an underlying gospel message.  Click here to see a couple articles of mine that my local newspaper has published.

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The articles found on the Growing Out section of this website are written to inspire you to grow outward in your service to the world and evangelization of the lost.  
Rooting for the Away Team
How does your tone change when you are outnumbered?

Three Reasons to be Generous
Some Christians have the spiritual gift of giving, but we are all called to be generous.

God's Love for Us   By Pierre Eade
God loves the world, but not just generally.  God loves each person and expecially those who are broken.

Responding to Open and Closed Doors  
By Pierre Eade 
We serve a God who has the power to open and close doors in our lives. God grants us opportunities that are otherwise unaffordable with our meager resources, experience or knowledge. 

The Importance of Teaching Others the Christian Faith By Pierre Eade 
God desires for all of his children to be teachers of others.  Teaching others about God, His love and plan of salvation is central to our walk with Him.  Some would prefer for God to write His message in the sky for all to see, but God prefers to use human vessels to convey His message to the world.

Scared to Death!    By Pierre Eade
Many people enjoy a "good" scare these days - a roller coaster ride, a haunted house.  But here is one scare you want to be sure to avoid.

A Need For More Compassion   By Pierre Eade
Through various events, God has made it clear to me that I need more compassion for others.

The Sudden Loss of a Good Friend   By Pierre Eade 
Written in memory of a High School Friend, Michele Foss Bartholomew, this is my story of hearing the news of her death and how the brevity of life must be considered by us all.  

Lessons from a Day of Jury Duty By Pierre Eade
A story of how my day in the courtrooms opened my eyes to realize the day ahead of us all.

Interview with Chuck Harrison, from StreetLight Ministries about his work in spreading the gospel in New Jersey.
Christian & Spiritual Growth Book : Born to Grow