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The Power of What Happens When the Body Works Together

Let Me Show You 
Want to make discipleship easier?  Let me show you how.

Politics and the Church By Pierre Eade
Hear the Lord's heart when it comes to politics and the church 

Nurses - A Model of Christian Service By Pierre Eade
Learn how I was greatly inspired by the tender care of nurses after my heart surgery.

God's Goal is Love By Pierre Eade
As many people look to the New Year to set goals for their life, Christians can be sure of one goal that will always be in God's will - love!

Biblical vs. Secular Forgiveness* By Pierre Eade
Discover the vast difference between the Biblical and Secular views on forgiveness.
*This is a scholarly article that is 12 pages in length and can be downloaded as a PDF.

God's Purpose in Marriage   By Pierre Eade
Being happy in marriage is possible and happiness will be the fruit of those who follow God’s plan for marriage.  But happiness is not God’s primary goal for marriage.  

The Greatest Weapon Against Satan is Love     By Pierre Eade
Of all the spiritual weapons we can use against Satan, none is more powerful than love!

What I Learned From Being Sick     By Pierre Eade
A week with a bad flu taught me some good spiritual lessons.

How to Deal with Difficult People - The Bible Way      By Pierre Eade
Ten essential Biblical truths in dealing with the most difficult of people.

How to be a Super-Woman to Your Husband   By Pierre Eade
Every wife will find the guidance she needs for making her husband feel blessed.

How to be a Super-Man to Your Wife   By Pierre Eade
An article that will encourage every married man to live up to his higher calling as a husband.

Receiving Wise and Godly Counsel  By Pierre Eade
Not all advice is good advice.  Here's some advice on receiving advice.

My Thoughts on The Shack  By Pierre Eade
The Shack has become a controversial book.  Here's my take on it.

Writing Blank Checks  By Pierre Eade
A great story of redemption that will encourage you to forgive others. 

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The articles found on the Growing Together section of this website are written to help you grow in your relationships with all people, but in particular with members of the Body of Christ.
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