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Biblical Forgiveness
Exploring the Differences between Biblical and Secular Interpersonal Forgiveness 
By Pierre Eade
scholarly work, word count: 3186, 12 pages, read time: 9-10 min
The topic of forgiveness has become quite popular among secular psychologists and has been foundational to the religious community, particularly the Judeo-Christian faiths.  In this paper, we will look to see how the concept of forgiveness as seen through the secular community is dissimilar to that of the community of faith.  As we explore the topic, it will become evident that the concept of forgiveness in the secular world is categorically different than forgiveness as taught in the New Testament.  

Specifically, we will examine how the motivation for secular versus Christian forgiveness is diametrically opposed.  We will see how Christianity provides a liberating remedy for the seeming injustice of forgiveness that cannot be found in secular sources.   Next, we will discuss how forgiveness is obligatory and mandated within the beliefs of Christianity, but is optional outside of the New Testament community of faith.  Lastly, we will look into the concept of self-forgiveness to see whether it has any merit for followers of Christ. 
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