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For over 20 years I suffered lactose intolerance.  It probably wasn't until my late teens or early twenties that I even realized and pinpointed this malady.   Now I can look back to many occasions when my stomach was in cramps and there was excruciating pain and realize that it was caused by drinking milk or milk products.

One Sunday morning at church I went to the altar at the end of service to receive prayer.  I actually went asking for prayer for some shoulder pain that I had been experiencing.  If I would sleep on my side, I would wake up with a stinging shoulder pain.  This was likely caused by several years of excessive weightlifting.  

After receiving prayer from one of the prayer counselors at my church, he asked if I would try and reach my hands in the air over my head, an action that would normally cause the pain in my shoulders to be greatly inflamed.  Yet, when I raised my arms in the air there was absolutely no pain at all!  I was amazed.

Then another prayer team member came by to where we were praying and out of the blue asked, "Do you have any stomach problems?"  I told him about my lactose intolerance and also irritable bowl syndrome that I had over the last few years.   He said that God gave him a picture of my stomach in knots and that he wanted to pray for my healing.   I obliged and the two men began to pray.

Moments later, it felt as if my stomach was being coated.  Similar to the feeling you receive when you take medication for an upset stomach.  It began to feel like the entire lining of my stomach was being regenerated and made new.  

After the church service, my wife and I went out to lunch at an Italian restaurant.   I ordered a four cheese calzone and ate my salad including the hot peppers. This is something I never would have dare to do in times past knowing that the cheese would have inflicted my lactose intolerance and the pepper my IBS. Miraculously, I felt fine throughout the meal and afterward felt no pain at all.

Now to this day, several years later, I am still completely healed of lactose intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome and my shoulders are completely well.

Praise the Lord God who still heals today!

"I am the Lord that heals you."  (Exodus 15:26)
"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever." (Hebrews 13:8) 

How God Healed Me of a Shoulder Injury and Lactose Intolerance
 Pierre M. Eade                                                                               519 words, read time 1-2 minutes
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