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Can you describe to us what Street Light ministry does and how long it's been in existence? 
 Street Light Ministries is an informal (not a 501c3) interdenominational ministry with the purpose of getting outside of the four walls of the church to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Christ on the sidewalks of local towns, down at the seashore, or on college campuses. We started in the early 1990's and average about 3 to 5 folks who go out with us, depending upon whom the Lord brings.  
We strive to be competent in apologetics, to be used when necessary, and have a 10 page Street Light manual on Word. We hand out tracts, books, DVDs, and CDs as resources when appropriate. We have also developed a New Believer's Bible Study that is online to give to those who receive Christ.
We also train and take out others who want to get involved in street witnessing.
And we are attempting to start up legal mall ministries in NJ by communicating with, and training if necessary, local Bible- believing churches to go into major malls about 8 times a year on Friday nights and Saturdays.
Over that time of meeting people on the streets, what are some of the key things you have learned that would be helpful to others who want to reach people for Christ?  
Be ready to talk to people from every possible background. We encourage or exhort a believer, disciple a believer, pray for those we speak with, and proclaim the Gospel to all who do not know Christ.  If your mission is to be faithful and obedient and not to try to force "results or conversions" but to leave them to God, you can have a fulfilled and exciting and growing time on the streets.  Philemon 6 is our Scripture that keeps us going. 
E-mail Interview with Chuck Harrison
of Street Light Ministries
We have also learned that some 90% of Americans on the east coast have NEVER heard a complete and accurate Gospel message presentation.  Further, we have learned that about 5% of those we meet are born-again Christians, NOT the 65% who claim to be born-again in national polls.
How would you rate the overall receptiveness to the gospel in America (or at least where you minister)?  Are there certain groups of people (young, old, etc.) that are most open to the gospel?  
About 90% of those to whom we speak are under the age of 25.  My heart aches for older folks who think that we are crazy and walk on by in their arrogant, judging manner. It has gotten harder over the past ten years in Princeton since in the Princeton area, junior and senior high schools have taught evolution and an anti-Biblical message and a pro-homosexual message that has in fact created "little apologists" who counter the Bible as Truth. These kids are being taught how to "refute" God's truth. We continually have to get back to the conscience and the Law (the Ten Commandments) to show them that they are sinners and need a Savior. 
How can we pray for your ministry in an on-going manner?
That God will raise up workers and that Street Light members can get together for training periodically. That God will grant repentance and draw people to him so that we can see more conversions - REAL conversions, not false conversions, which are plaguing the church.
What is the most current need that you would like prayer for from us?
I am looking for a retired (or flexible work schedule) partner (who lives nearby my home in Hunterdon County, NJ) who loves young people and evangelism to partner up with me to the shore during the week in the summer and during the week to college campuses during the school year.  Many times I do have trouble finding others who live nearby to join in with on the streets or campus or boardwalks due to job conflicts. 
What opportunities are there to help serve with your ministry and how can people get in touch with you to discuss these options?
Just contact me by email at or at 908-782-4485 to ask us for training or to join in with us on our local outings.  Last summer I was able to go to Pt. Pleasant boardwalk every Thursday night and to go out on the streets of Princeton every Friday and Saturday night. However, my partner of last year moved to Florida, where he is witnessing to some of the 50,000 students at the University of Florida Monday thru Friday.
Last summer, I also was able to secure a house at the New Jersey shore for free for two weeks, and having a partner, was able to go out every night for some 14 evenings. Free lodging may be a possibility again this summer.
In Him,
Chuck Harrison

Thanks Chuck!  We will pray for you.  And even now, let's pray:

"Father in Heaven, we thank you for Chuck, his life and this wonderful ministry.  We pray you continue to sustain Chuck and support him as he seeks to do your will.  Lord we ask that you send more laborers to the harvest with Chuck.  Bring people across his path who have a willingness and the time to hit the streets with him.  Also we ask that you provide a great partner for Chuck.  We ask that you give Chuck the perfect man to accompany him on this journey of faith.  Surprise Chuck by your goodness we ask and bless Him for his faithfulness to fulfill Your Great Commission.  In Jesus' name, Amen!"
Chuck Harrison of Street Light ministries pictured here with his wife of 39 years, Joan, on the boardwalk at Point Pleasant beach in New Jersey.

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