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#3 – The Adventure

One night in Ghana we drove in the pitch dark to a remote area (“the bush”) so we could play the Jesus film for the natives.  We were driving down a single lane dirt path when we came to a ditch the size of California.  This crater literally covered one end of the road to another with no room to get around it.  We had to get out of our van and push ourselves out.  What an adventure!  We did make it to the village that night and saw many people accept Jesus!

#4 - The Way God Moves

It seems like both times I was in Africa God moved in supernatural ways beyond what we typically see in America.  Now I don’t believe God has a preference for one geographical region over another, but I do believe certain environments tend to breed a move of God more than others.  If I had to identify a few of those key components in the African culture and church that we see less frequently in the West, I would place desperation for God, fasting and prayer at the top of the list.

#5 – Spiritual Gifts

As much as I would love to see every Western Christian visit a third world country on a mission trip, I realize that it is not only unlikely to occur, it may not be part of God’s plan for each individual.  One of the spiritual gifts upon my life is that of missionary.  I totally dig being around people not like myself in order to share a God who became incarnate to hang around people totally not like himself.  It’s just part of who I am.  True to any spiritual gift, when you exercise your gift, you come alive.  (1 Peter 4:10) 

Would you go to Africa with me?

I plan on leading a handful of guys on this trip with me to Africa, but I really need more to come.  Now I’m not proposing that you pack your bags and come with us, but I am urging you to consider partnering with me and the team by praying for us and giving generously to our mission.  You may have no desire to venture to Africa on a mission yourself, but vicariously through our trip, you can.   Would you please consider coming along side our team as we launch out for Jesus into the unknown?

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5 Reasons I Love Going To Africa on Mission Trips
By Pierre Eade
word count: 659  read time: 2-3 minutes
#1 - The People

The people in Kenya and Ghana had noticeably different cultures, but one commonality they had was their earnest hunger for spiritual things.  Living in the West where the topic of religion is often taboo makes going to a place like Africa a joy.  In Africa, even unbelievers are interested and attentive to spiritual conversations.  

#2 – The Simplicity

Our lives our crowded with activities, entertainment, technology and busyness.  We think that life is becoming more convenient by all of our trappings, but in reality it is just becoming more complex.  Life in Africa is by no means easier, but it can be much simpler.   Take away the TV, Internet, cell phones, laptops, car repairs, kid’s soccer practice, time spent in traffic and life becomes a heck of a lot simpler.  
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This November I am headed on a ten day mission trip to Kenya, Africa.   This will be my third trip as a short-term missionary to the continent of Africa.   I can understand how many people want nothing to do with a trip to Africa, but for me, going to Africa is an absolute joy!
Here are five quick reasons that I love going to Africa and how you can join me on my trip this November:
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