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Americans are eager for change. The economy, the war in Iraq, national security and health care are areas of contention and discontent for many Americans.

We seem to be in search of a political genius, a messiah of sorts, who will take action to banish our pain and injustice while providing a more promising future for our nation.

While the selection of the next president will play a crucial role in determining the direction of our country for the next four years, he or she will indeed face the limitations and frustrations of time and space. 

The next president will be human.

The expectations we now raise for our next leader far exceed what any man or woman could achieve single-handedly. 

Yet, there is an undeniable hunger within us for a person who could eradicate every problem, a country with true freedom and a time of great peace.

Good news! 

There is a man with all the answers, a country without problems and a time of euphoria beyond human comprehension. The man's name is Jesus, the country is heaven and the time is eternity. To learn more, read the Bible. In the meantime, vote your conscience and pray for the best.

The Best Option
Pierre Eade
Published in the Bucks County Courrier Times on March 20th 2008
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