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A problem of morals and ethics, not dollars and cents was published on October 31st 2008 following the US Bailout plan.  The theme was that we cannot bailout out a problem with dollars when the issue is one of morality.  I also used the article as a segue to speak of the "ultimate bailout plan".

The best option was published in the Bucks County Courrier Times on March 20th 2008 during the heat of the presidential primaries for both parties.  The theme of the writings is that no one person can embody all the character traits we desire in a president or do all that we want them to do, except One.

Let  My People Go was published in the Trenton Times in May 2005 after the Syrian government removed its forces from the country of Lebanon.  The point of the editorial was to parrallel the death of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and the removal of the Syrian government with the death and resurrection of Christ.

Editorial Evangelism
Pierre Eade

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