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The Christian Growth Network is a growing collection of articles written to inspire and educate Christians to grow in their faith.  Every article is focused on one of four growth areas.  Articles in the Grow Up section of the site deal with topics of Christian maturity.  Articles found in the Grow Out section address the topics of outreach, service and evangelism.  Grow Deeper is the section of the site devoted to helping develop greater intimacy with the Lord.  While Grow Together contains articles relevant to the Christian's walk and relationship with other believers.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart - Literally
Will you trust God when your own life is on the line?  I am.  read more

Can Satan Read My Mind?
Ever wondered?  Find the answer. read more

Mega Wake Up Call
Four important lessons I learned from the fall of one mega pastor. ​read more

Living to Learn and Learning to Live
A completely different and refreshing way to view life. 

Five Reasons I love Going to Africa
Some people may want nothing to do with a trip to Africa, but for me it is an absolute joy!  Find out why I love going to Africa so much.

The Goal of Every Christian
As many look to set goals for the New Year, there is one goal that you will always know is within God's will for your life.  read more

Slavery, the Bible and Christianity *
Confused about slavery in the Bible and Christian faith?  Discover the truth!  (Note: This is a 14 page scholarly article that can be downloaded as a PDF.) read more

God's Purpose in Marriage
Being happy in marriage is possible and happiness will be the fruit of those who follow God’s plan for marriage.  But happiness is not God’s primary goal for more

God's Love for Us
God loves us all, but more importantly, God loves you!  Read this true story of God's love for one more

Understanding the Grace of God
Do you have difficulty grasping the concept of God's grace? Join me on the discovery of God' grace through the mysteries found only in a game called "T-ball" more

What I Learned From Being Sick
Over the last week I have been sick with the flu.  It has been a miserable seven days full of symptoms that covered my whole body.  I’ll spare you the details.  In my time of illness I believe God spoke to my heart and taught me several more

Christian Growth Network Most Recent Articles
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Nurses - A Model of Christian Service
Find inspiration and joy in serving others by learning about the Christian origin of nursing. read more

Run Your Race
God has only one path for you to follow. Are you following it faithfully?  read more

The Desires of Your Heart
How do you discover God's will for your life?  Does God ever lead you through your own desires?  read more

The Fight We Face*
A Biblical understanding of Spiritual Warfare  (Note: This is a scholarly article that can be downloaded as a PDF.  It is 13 pages in length.) read more

Biblical vs. Secular Forgiveness*
Discover the difference between Biblical and Secular Forgiveness.  (Note: This is a scholarly article that can be downloaded as a PDF.  It is 12 pages in length.) read more

Redeeming the Time
Of all the commodities in the world, there is nothing more valuable than your personal more

The Greatest Weapon Against Satan
In spite of all the prayers, confessions and declarations, I believe we have missed the greatest weapon we as Christians have against the more

What Motivates You
The Lord has been putting his finger on my own heart recently and challenging me to evaluate the motives that drive me to do what I do... read more

How to Deal with Difficult People
As Christians we are not immune to difficult relationship and people, but we are not without defense (and positive offense) that can give us the victory in even the most difficult of relationships.  Here are some biblical more

Finding The Power to Change
The Christian life is meant to be a journey of change where the believer is continually being transformed into the image and likeness of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.... read more
ABCs of Identity in Christ
Teach Your Children Their Identity in Christ

Three Reasons to be Generous
Some Christians have the spiritual gift of giving, but we are all called to be generous.

What You Truly Believe
Finding out what you truly believe is easier than you think!  read more

Christian Imagination
God has made you to dream! read more

Royally Blessed
Understand how God sees you in Christ and learn seven spiritual blessings that every Christian has received in Christ. watch video or download the pdf

The Development of the New Testament*
Look into the history of the Bible and how it was created.  (Note: This is a scholarly article that can be downloaded as a PDF.  It is 13 pages in length.) read more

Treasures of the Heart    
Jesus said that where our treasure is our heart will be also.  Here's how to find out where your true treasure lies...
read more

Who Do You Worship?    
Does anyone truly live apart from God?  Can a committed Christian be a habitual idol worshipper?  Take a deeper look at who you personally worship each day in this article. 
read more

Responding to Open and Closed Doors  

We serve a God who has the power to open and close doors in our lives. God grants us opportunities that are otherwise unaffordable with our meager resources, experience or knowledge. 

Going on a Treasure Hunt
A few weeks back I met up with some adventurous Christians at my church to go on a "treasure hunt". This was no typical treasure hunt for goodies and treats; it was a treasure hunt for more
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