Teach Kids (and Adults) Their Identity in Christ - Easy & Simple to Remember!
By Pierre Eade
word count: 344 read time: ~1 minute
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Children are being exposed to a broad range of messages from TV, the Internet, School, Friends, Neighbors and Social Media. The messages they receive are not neutral. Your kids are being taught intentionally and often times subliminally who they are and what makes them important, significant or valuable based on a worldly standard.   

If you do not step in as a parent to teach your children their identity in Christ, your kids will determine their value and worth based on the messages of our culture. Now that’s a scary thought! Step up parents! It’s time to gird the loins of your children as well as yourself! What got me fired up about this was when I heard one of my kids saying things about himself that were not true, they were lies from Satan!  So I determined to do something about it.

I created this simple to use document first for my own children as a weekly devotional. When I saw the dramatic results in how they spoke of themselves and also how they treated one another with greater dignity and respect, I knew this was something I could not in good conscience keep to myself! I want to see your children built up in the faith and for the next generation of believers in Christ not to be persuaded by the voices of the world, the flesh or the devil. I know that if you diligently teach and apply this material to your children and family you will see good fruit for the Word of God never returns back void, but always accomplishes its purposes! (Isaiah 55:11)

I created this Identity in Christ devotional using the ABC's so that every week we would learn a new aspect of our identity in Christ along with the alphabet. For example, "A" stands for "I am ALIVE with God." "B" stands for "I am BLESSED by God." By using the alphabet, it was easy for my kids to remember each of the 26 lessons! For each statement of their identity, you will also find a corresponding Bible verse. Additionally, I have added some suggestions for how to effectively teach this material and questions to use for further dialogue with your children. 

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