3 Ways the Resurrection Applies to Your Life 
Learn how the resurrection matters to you

3 Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection
Did the resurrection actually happen?

ABCs of Identity in Christ
Teach Your Children Their Identity in Christ

Mega Wake Up Call
What one mega pastor's fall has taught me.

Christian Imagination
Redemption of your creative thinking.

The Desires of Your Heart
By Pierre Eade
How do you discover God's will for your life?  Does God ever lead you through your own desires?  Find out more here.

Self-Help vs. Biblical Preaching
By Pierre Eade
Now more than ever, the Church needs to be aware of the difference between the Gospel and the message of self-help.

Canon of the New Testament*
By Pierre Eade
Have you ever wondered how the Bible was created?  Take a historical journey to learn of some of the highlights.
*This is a 13 page research paper.

Wisdom and Revelation    
By Pierre Eade
I have recently learned that praying for wisdom is not sufficient...I need to pray for revelation!

What Motivates You?     By Pierre Eade
The Lord has been challenging me to consider the motives that are behind my actions.  Here are some of the good and bad motives I find that often drive my behavior.

How to Make Wise Decisions - The Bible Way    By Pierre Eade
Find practical guidelines in making decisions of any size and significance in this article.

The Story of the Ten Lepers  By Pierre Eade
A reflection on Luke 17:12-19, the story of ten lepers who were healed by Jesus.

The Answer is Always "YES"!  By Pierre Eade
A deeper look into  2 Chronicles 7:14, reveals a promise from God that He always answers.

Finding God's Will One Step at a Time By Pierre Eade
Have you ever wondered how to know God's will?  Here is a simple way to find it.

Refreshment for the Christian's Weary Soul  By Pierre Eade
We live in a world that can tear us down and beat us up. At times the battle of life seems like an uphill fight and we become fatigued and feel like giving up. But there is hope! God's Word has given the solution to overcoming weariness and finding strength and refreshment to live.

Eight Great Reasons to Memorize God's Word By Pierre Eade 
Discover eight reasons why memorizing the Bible is a worthwhile activity.

Naked Before God By Pierre Eade 
Have you ever considered what it will be like to stand before God at the end of your life?   Don't wait until that day to find out.  Read this article and learn more about God's love.

How Long Should I Pray?  By Pierre Eade
Have you ever wondered if there is a certain amount of time you need to pray each day?   Taking lessons from Jesus' on prayer, learn how important time really is to your prayer life.

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The Ultimate Reason to Give Thanks
The One Reason Believers Need to Give Thanks

Rediscover the Joy of Your Salvation
What I learned from a simple airplane flight

Receiving Downloads from the Holy Spirit
How one word from God can change your life!

Trust God with all your heart - literally!
Will you trust God when your life is on the line?  I am.

Run Your Race
God has only equipped and called you to run one race - your own.  Be encouraged to run your race!

Royally Blessed
Understand how God sees you in Christ and learn seven spiritual blessings that every Christian has received in Christ. 

Slavery, the Bible and Christianity *
By Pierre Eade
Reading passages in the Bible about slavery without understanding the cultural context of those writings can lead to misunderstanding and possibly rejection of the Bible or the Christian faith.
*This is a 14 page research paper.

Treasures of the Heart    By Pierre Eade
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Redeeming the Time   By Pierre Eade
Make the most of your time on earth!

Who Do You Worship?    By Pierre Eade
Does anyone truly live apart from God?  Can a committed Christian be a habitual idol worshipper?  Take a deeper look at who you personally worship each day in this article. 

The Three Keys to Success in Ministry and the Christian Life    By Pierre Eade
Here are three keys that will help you in be a success in ministry and the Christian life.

The Importance of Having a Teachable Spirit  By Pierre Eade
It is imperative for Christians to have a teachable heart and spirit to learn from the Lord.

How to Move from Being Stressed to Being Blessed By Pierre Eade
Biblical insight to help you overcome the feelings of stress and anxiety.

Life is a Battle By Pierre Eade
A battle exists that is very real, yet unseen.  It's a spiritual battle and it's one you can win!

Finding Refreshment from God through Soaking Prayer By Pierre Eade
Are you in need of refreshment and rest?  Do you feel weary and run down?  Read this article and learn how waiting on the Lord can bring refreshment and strength.

The Key to Sustainable Happiness    By Pierre Eade
The Key to Happiness in Life can be summarized in one word.

Where you been? What are you up to?  By Pierre Eade 
Taking a break from technology can be a healthy decision for you and your family.

The Emptiness of Christmas without Christ  By Pierre Eade 
A true childhood story that will encourage you to keep Christ in Christmas

Word Choker  By Pierre Eade 
Has your life become unfruitful or less fruitful than times past?  Learn about the three "word chokers" that will choke God's Word out of your life and hinder you from being fruitful.
The articles found on the Growing Deeper section of this website are written to help you grow stronger in your faith and to give you wisdom in how to live out the Christian life. 
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